Robert F Bernstock - GeoDivers.Com
January 22, 2020
While a person can be successful in the business world without maintaining standards and ethics, sometimes it can come back to haunt them if they do things without integrity because once a reputation is established, it is almost impossible to change the perception. The world is a lot smaller than it feels sometimes especially when it comes to the business world. To be able to maintain the longevity of a career, one must be prepared to keep their ethics and standards at a high bar.

No matter the position, everyone must choose to work with integrity or not. From the executive leadership to the janitor, the process and standards that a person takes to carry out their assigned tasks defines who they are as people. Robert Bernstock has had the opportunity to show that he works with the highest of ethics and standards and that a company can trust their reputation to him. The way he approaches business in general is two fold. The first is to always embrace change, the only thing constant in life is change. The second is to guide businesses to new levels of effectiveness and efficiency. With these business practices as his foundation, Robert Bernstock has been able to work at three Fortune 1000 companies in executive positions and no matter the position, these represent the attitude he brings to any given company that he works for while maintaining his integrity and reputation.
July 18, 2019
Over the course of his long business career that has now run for more than a quarter century so far, Robert Bernstock has held leadership roles with several companies, including some prominent companies in the Fortune 1000. In addition, experts have endorsed for his skill in many different business disciplines, such as leadership, negotiation, team building, strategic planning, organizational development and, of course, change management. While each one of those is important for any company in the current business environment, Robert Bernstock strongly believes that embracing change is a critical trait that every business should have..

The skill with which executives handle change is often an important factor in the success of a country. It’s how businesses learn how to become more resilient, as well as more efficient, effective and profitable. That is because the only constant in any business environment is change. Bob Bernstock’s extensive experience has led to his selection for several public and private company boards, where he often guides those companies to make the changes they need to lead them to greater success.